Why are you waiting?

Why are you waiting?

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Posted-on August 2020 By Will McPhee

High Jump Blog

"There are no jobs at the moment so I am just waiting for the market to pick back up before I resume my job search"

Firstly, Why?

Secondly, you might be waiting for a long time.

Yes the market has changed a lot and a lot of people aren't hiring at the moment, but it is so important that you stay active and keep searching.

It's like Olympic athletes, do you think sprinters or high jumpers or swimmers have stopped training because the Olympics were moved to next year?

Absolutely not.

They are using this time to train and be better prepared for next year, so they can perform and do their very best in 2021.

It should be no different with your job hunt.

Keep an eye on the market daily, make sure you are involved with your industry, follow leaders, upskill, search and apply.

In a tight market, you don't want to miss any opportunities because you weren't ready and looking.

Will McPhee - GM, SMAART Recruitment