Tips, Tricks and Tests

Job seekers are often asked to complete testing. Here are some of the common tests that we use at SMAART. Why not test yourself now? You will be able to view your results and we’ll receive a copy at SMAART. Candidates that receive above 95% on the SMAART
General Profiler are guaranteed an interview.

general test
​SMAART General Profiler TEST

A custom designed test by the team, this short test covers areas of spelling and vocabulary, maths, Microsoft Office, logical thinking and a 3 minute typing test.


logical thinking

Got your wits about you? Our 25 logical thinking questions will really put you to the test!


typing test

Do your fingers fly across the keyboard? Test yourself with our 3 minute typing test (Australian & New Zealand business text).


excel test
​Microsoft Word, Excel AND typing test

20 questions that will put to the test your ability to type, use Microsoft Word and Excel.


The SMAART candidate coach

Feel like your resume is letting you down? Do you need more career support and all round advice on how to secure your next role? With access to video coaching, resume templates, practice tests, checklists, articles + more, The SMAART Candidate Coach can help you secure your dream job!​

The SMAART Candidate Coach

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