Burnout, It happens.

Burnout, It happens.

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Posted-on January 2020 By Will McPhee

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Burnout, It happens.

One of the hardest things about Sales or KPI driven environments is that every month or quarter the clock restarts and you go again. I really struggled with Burnout when I first started in Recruitment. Recruitment was my first real job where I was responsible for outcomes and my own earning potential.

The harder I worked, the more hours I made myself available, the more money I would earn and more opportunities would come my way. What is even harder is being in a role with constant ups and downs and trying to stay level-headed. If you know me, when things are great, they are amazing.

But when they aren't so great, it's the worst thing ever. So after 9 months of running around, chasing, kicking goals and exceeding targets, when I had my first real bad month (I didn't make one placement) I shut down. I was overtired, rundown and burnt out not only mentally but physically.

It wasn't till Rupert Harvey told me his key to success. "Don't buy into the highs, don't buy into the lows." This one saying has helped me out so much. So make sure you look after yourself! If you need a mental health day take it. If you are feeling burnt out, go back to basics. Doing things like eating well, exercising and getting a good night sleep helps immensely.