WEBINAR: 10am thursday 29th October 2020​


Best Practice Webinar


WEBINAR: 11am thursday 13th august 2020

EI in Recruitment

With “Fragmentation”, “Isolation” and “Siloed Working” becoming the new common terms within our organisations, it’s never been more relevant and essential to know how to create connection within our teams than now.

Join us as Leanne Robinson and Daniel Panozzo from Aspen Solutions explore these concepts, address the concerns you are currently facing and provide information so you can start creating greater trust and connection into your organisations.
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keeping it casual

WEBINAR: 11am 2nd july 2020

Casual to Permanent Webinar


the power of perceptive interviewing

Honesty in Interviews

WEBINAR: 11am 10th June 2020

If you’re hiring staff there are at least two stats you should take notice of: 

1. More than 50% of people admit to lying or misrepresenting themselves during the job application process

2. The cost of a bad hire can range from 30% to 150% of their annual salary

There are many factors involved in making wise hiring decisions. Technology and screening tools can be very helpful, however the information obtained from person to person interviews is a key method of gathering the information used to make decisions. With this is mind, it is critical that interviewers are sufficiently equipped to conduct effective interviews and know how to reduce the risk of getting it wrong. 

In this 60 minute online seminar, Truth Maven and Master of Perceptive Interviewing®, Elly Johnson, will explore some of the factors in building confidence and becoming a Perceptive Interviewer. 

You will learn:

9 barriers to effective interviewing

Why we fail to notice lies until it’s too late

3 ways to encourage more truth in an interview

How to read behaviour with a multi-channel approach

The golden rule for making better hiring decisions

Myths and tips about spotting lies and how to apply this awareness

About the Speaker:

With an expansive background that includes law enforcement, leadership and business management, Elly developed specialist knowledge of human behaviour and techniques to influence for truth and spot deception in high stake settings. Elly shares her knowledge through a unique series of programs designed to help professionals involved in conducting interviews to be better equipped to come out with truthful and useful information and make more informed decisions.

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