Marketing Recruitment

For the specialists in finding marketing professionals, with more than 15 years’ experience, and a dedication to our clients, trust SMAART Recruitment.

Our innovative approach to marketing recruitment sets us apart from the crowd. For SMAART Recruitment, it’s important to find a candidate not only with the right competencies, but that embodies your ideas and your brand and fits into your organisational culture as a whole.

Find Your Perfect Marketing Staff

Marketing staff perform a crucial function in any organisation by driving brand awareness and driving sales, and by working together with you, SMAART Recruitment can help you find the perfect marketing professional.

Our extensive database and industry knowledge helps SMAART Recruitment find candidates in a wide range of marketing specialties:

Marketing Recruitment

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing 

Digital Media 

Marketing Coordinator 

Brand Manager 

Marketing Executive 

Marketing Assistant 

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