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Looking to hire call centre Staff?

Looking for dedicated and professional call centre consultants? Go no further than SMAART Recruitment: one of Australia's best call centre recruitment agencies, with more than 16 years’ experience.

SMAART Recruitment’s speciality is helping you find great new employees that fit easily into your organisation. SMAART Recruitment is dedicated to understanding the needs of our Contact Centre clients and customising our candidates to the organisation. With a large pool of job seekers in our database, we’re able to connect you with the perfect candidates, full time or temporary, who have the specific skills you’re after.​

Find The Perfect Call Centre Agents

Whether it’s results-oriented outbound and inbound sales staff, or customer service staff with experience in resolving enquiries, SMAART Recruitment can connect you with all specialists within call centre work:

Customer Service Staff Recruitment

Telemarketing Recruitment

Call Centre Manager Recruitment

Call Centre Team Leader Recruitment

Outbound and Inbound Sales Recruitment

Telesales Recruitment

In addition to helping you source the perfect candidates, SMAART Recruitment also provides ongoing payrolling options, to provide more flexibility for all our clients.

SMAART also publishes the industry leading Contact Centre Best Practice Reportand also runs an annual Future Leaders Mentoring Program.

To find out more about Call Centre recruitment Australian businesses can trust, simply contact SMAART Recruitment. Fill out our quote form below or get in contact with our helpful team on our Contactpage or call us on 1300 762 278.​ ​

What makes a great Call Centre Agent?​​​

​​Whether it be Customer Service, Inbound or Outbound Sales, all our candidates need to have the ability to create empathy and rapport with the customer. We look at a candidate’s attitude and positivity and assess how they will interact with a client.

The main soft skills agents must have are:

+ Rapport building and empathy skills + Be able to actively listen + Patience + Organisational skills + Problem solving skills + Comfortable with systems + Attention to detail

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Why is SMAART the Best Call Centre Recruitment Agency?

We are a Recruitment Agency based in Melbourne and Adelaide with a presence in Sydney and Brisbane and for 16 years SMAART Recruitment has been the leading recruitment agency for high quality contact centre staff. SMAART’s recruitment process starts with vigorous background screening before a call is made. We assess the candidate’s resume, LinkedIn profile, previous work experience and tenure. From that point we can start to understand who the candidates is and their experience level and success they have had in previous sales or customer service roles. We also look at their skill sets and educational achievements.

SMAART will only then call the candidate and the all important phone assessment begins. We ask ourselves:

How does the candidate answer the phone, are they polite and friendly? Do they have voicemail? Is their email address appropriate? Then we commence the phone screen interview process exploring their work history and career motivations.

We explain the role and if the phone interview is successful we invite the candidate into the next phase of the recruitment process, either a group or one or one interview.

SMAART also publishes the industry leading Contact Centre Best Practice Report and also runs an annual Future Leaders Mentoring Program.

The Contact Centre Best Practice Report

​Published in 2019 and 2020 these, reports provide invaluable insights into the operations of a Contact Centres. Data is derived from over 160 participating contact centres from across Australia with 200 data points. We look at the roles of Customer Service, Inbound and Outbound Sales agents and examine how contact centres retain staff, measure their performance, what incentives are offered and how overall well being and job satisfaction is measured. To find out how you can access a copy of The Best Practice Report, just click here.

Contact Centre Best Practice Report

The Contact Centre 2021 Future Leaders Mentoring Program

SMAART Recruitment’s Contact Centre Future Leaders Mentoring Program is designed to provide those who are moving into a leadership role as their next career step or are currently performing a leadership role with an opportunity to learn from peers within the industry to develop leadership, communication and decision making, amongst other skills. The program will be run in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Mentors and Mentees are matched together based on their goals, objectives and professional background, who then meet on a regular basis over the year to discuss & plan how to actualise these goals. Participants are given the required skills through an initial induction training session and are guided through the course of the year with facilitated sessions.

The 2020 program paired 60 Contact Centre Managers & Heads Of Contact Centres with Team Leaders in a 12 month professionally run program across four states.

For more information on how you can get involved in the program, click here.