Contact Centre Mentoring Programs 2021


SMAART Recruitment’s Contact Centre Future Leaders Mentoring Program is designed to provide those who are moving into a leadership role as their next career step or are currently performing a leadership role with an opportunity to learn from peers within the industry to develop leadership, communication and decision making, amongst other skills. The program will be run in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Mentors and Mentees are matched together based on their goals, objectives and professional background, who then meet on a regular basis over the year to discuss & plan how to actualise these goals. Participants are given the required skills through an initial induction training session and are guided through the course of the year with facilitated sessions.

The 2020 program paired 60 Contact Centre Managers & Heads Of Contact Centres with Team Leaders in a 12 month professionally run program across four states.

“My mentor has been fantastic. We built trust very quickly and she’s been able to really make me think about things in a different way. We meet every 3-4 weeks and I really value our time together, it has been a wonderful experience and really helped me grow”

- Mentee, 2020 Program

2021 Key Program Dates:

Applications open: 1st October 2020

Applications close: 19th January 2021

Program commences: February 2021 

Program concludes: December 2021


Mentors and Mentees are matched based on application details submitted.

Mandatory separate inductions for both Mentors and Mentees are run in the first month, at which the details and objectives of the program are outlined (Induction Training provided).

Monthly mentoring commences between matched Mentor and Mentee pairs

Ongoing support provided by SMAART Recruitment


Commencement – Mentor 2 hour training, Mentees 2 hour training

Three Mentor and Mentee meetings (separate sessions) of 1 hour during business hours.

Participants commit for 9 months, each pair expected to communicate monthly outside business hours for approximately 1 hr.


To be considered as a Mentee, it is understood that you have:

At least THREE year’s of experience in the contact centre industry.

At least 6 months of experience a leadership position (e.g Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader so on)

Mentees may also be Operations Managers or Contact Centre Managers of smaller centres.

To be considered as a Mentor, it is understood that you have:

FIVE to TEN year’s of experience in the contact centre industry.

At least THREE years of experience a senior leadership position (e.g Contact Centre Manager, Head of Contact Centre, Head of Sales/Customer Service)

It is likely that Mentor’s will hold (or have held) the title of Contact Centre Manager or equivalent.


SMAART Recruitment will work closely with all participants to pair mentees and mentors together appropriately. This includes understanding industry competitors and ensuring that all pairs can work together in an open and honest way.

Mentors & Mentees will both be able to decline a pairing on learning of their pairing.


Mentoring programs can often cost upwards of $8,000. The Contact Centre Future Leaders Program program provides exceptional value in the way it offers a mutually beneficial industry wide mentoring program at no charge through it’s sponsorship by SMAART Recruitment.


To participate in this Mentoring Program, all participants will be required to sign a Code Of Conduct which outlines the expectations and boundaries of the program.

SMAART Recruitment will collect personal details for the purposes of the program. All personal details collected will be treated under the SMAART Recruitment Privacy Policy, which is available on request


To find out more information on the Contact Centre Future Leaders Mentoring Program, contactJames Witcombe on 0413 212 421 or

Jacqui Sampson

Head of Statewide Customer Experience and Service Operations at VicRoads

“A great program to test your skills at mentoring outside your organisation and also to learn from your mentee."

Jacqui Sampson

Matthew Wood

General Manager Customer and Partner Services at Allianz Insurance

"Working as a Mentor to young leaders from different industries really helped develop my capability. I may have learned just as much as my Mentee through the process!”

Matthew Wood