Best Practice Report

The 2020/21 Contact Centre Best Practice Report was collated from over 200 different data points and includes case studies and expert commentary from industry leaders in the contact centre space.

With data received from 165 organisations, The Best Practice Report provides unique and empowering insights into the operational effectiveness of Australian Contact Centres.

The report takes a deep dive into the areas that contact centre leaders have told us are the most important moving forward:

  • The role of Team Leader and how it differs between contact centres

  • Modern ways of working

  • Mental health in contact centres

  • Absenteeism and attrition

  • Employee engagement

  • Technology for better performance

  • Offshoring

  • Customer Experience

  • Agent bonus and commission structures

We've also captured the response of Australian Contact Centres to the pandemic and see how effectively they have been able to adapt and what learnings there have been.

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Recorded Webinar

We recorded the 29th October Key Findings Best Practice Report webinar which includes the expert commentary of Sean McGinn, Alex Boland, Matthew Dew, James Witcombe, Ian Harrison and Tom Ruijs. You can play the recording here: