Two very nervous SMAARTies!

Two very nervous SMAARTies!

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Posted-on September 2021 By

Paris And Marcus

With only a couple of days to go before the GF, we have two very nervous SMAARTies.

Paris Hart jumped on the Doggies’ bandwagon 10 years ago when she met her husband and the passion ramped up in 2016, having attended a good portion of the matches, and all the VIC games in the finals series (including the GF).
Having the footy through the last two years of lockdown has been the highlight of Paris’s weekends, if there is a win on Saturday though it will be more mocktail than Moet with the baby only a few weeks away.

Coming home from prep one day, Marcus Lavender mentioned to his Dad that he wanted to go for Essendon because that’s who his best friend at school followed. Marcus’s Dad then jokingly took him by the hand and led him out to the shed where he stated that if he didn’t go for the Dees, this is where he would sleep.
This kind of left Marcus with no choice but to support the Dees.

Marcus’s best friend, the Essendon supporter, will be playing for the Demons on Saturday, giving him an extremely special connection.