Will Celebrates Seven Years!

Will Celebrates Seven Years!

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Posted-on May 2020 By Rupert Harvey

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​A chat with Will McPhee who celebrates seven years with SMAART this week, or 23% of his life. 

What impact has the pandemic had on you? Professionally, I am lucky to have a few clients who are doing extremely well so I have been very busy recruiting for them. For some of my other clients who have been hit hard, I am doing a lot more HR, consulting and forecasting as well as helping with the transition to work from home models. Personally, the pandemic has had a huge effect on my life. Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite things to do are watch live sport and go to the pub. Sadly it has put a stop to both of those things. I live with someone who is high risk so we have been very strict with staying in our bubble. The highlight of my week now consists of heading to the supermarket once a week to stock up on beer and snacks. 

Do you think there will be any changes to how we work post lockdown? I think there will be some big changes, what that looks like exactly? Your guess would be as good as mine. I think there will be a lot more flexibility in the way we work and how work is done. I think more companies will focus on outcomes and results rather in clocking in and clocking out.  All in all, for a realist I am remarkably optimistic that things will bounce back quickly.  

What are the first three things you will do when restrictions ease? Head to the pub with friends, order a Pint and Parma and settle in for an afternoon of live sport.

Thanks Will!