How To Make A Career Change

How To Make A Career Change

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Posted-on April 2020 By Rupert Harvey

Career Change

How To Make A Career Change

Many people during the course of their careers will make a career change, and many people would like to, but find it hard.  As a recruiter I am frequently asked how you move from one industry to another. We are faced though with the classic chicken and egg scenario of they don’t want me for this job because I don’t have the right experience, but how do I get the experience? But people do make changes, so how is it done?  

My advice is: Have a very clear understanding of what you want to do and build your elements of your experience over the longer term whether it’s through a portion of your current work or outside voluntary work. For example if you are in sales and are interested in digital marketing, take relevant courses, try and get involved with some projects and slowly build your exposure.  Working for a large company means there is a possibility of being able to move from one department to another, working for a small company means often means you have the opportunity to multi-task and build your experience in your area of interest by taking project work or supporting that particular department.  So one way to do it is incrementally which may help you to retain your value in the market and not drop your seniority.  T

he more direct approach is to take on part time or full-time education and just go for it. I have two friends who have given up work and became Paramedics mid-career. It’s an immensely challenging and fulfilling role but you will need support, possibly financial and time to complete the tough course.  I have made two career changes in the last nine years. From advertising I went into recruitment and I am now in full time marketing. When I went into recruitment I took a hefty salary drop. My transition into marketing has been achieved by building my experience in website development and digital marketing over the last four years so the transition is smooth and I have built relevant experience. 


1. Know exactly what you want and what qualifications and experience you require

2. Understand the cost in terms of money and time and how you can resource both.

3. Look at the options in your current organisation or if you can gain experience in your own time possibly volunteering. 

It’s not easy, but ultimately a career change can be extremely rewarding.